a unique snacking experience.

"Potato Chips are always your best friend"

Chippy Chip is founded with that sole reason. Amidst a range of emotions that a natural human being would have, potato chips are your best friend for any occasion, situation or emotion. Now, why do we put ourselves in a saturated market filled with pioneers? The founders of Chippy Chip are so picky with their food that no product is out there to satisfy their cravings.

We, naturally, created one that fits our palate. We are not selfish so here it is to all of you, our potato chip connoisseurs. YOU make the difference in our mission to spread the love towards potato chips!  

We use a factory that is already manufacturing other products so that our cost of potato chip manufacturing is essentially minimal. We do not use a distribution centre or a warehouse because of our Make-to-Order (MTO) model. What is this model about? We manufacture, only when you place an order.

This is also a sustainable model as we do not over-produce and sell aging products. Once manufactured, it's directly sent from our factory to you! We honestly just make a small margin to keep our operations afloat. 

Our freshness in our products is vital.

Now that you are familiar with us.