Wholesale Club FAQ

 Terms and Conditions:

  1. New wholesalers will need to make their first purchase in the first month. Otherwise, the wholesaler will be revoked.
  2. Inactive wholesalers for 3 consecutive months will be revoked.
  3. In order to protect the benefit of wholesalers within a specific region,    Chippy Chip MY will only deliver to locations initially registered under the chosen region/state.
  4. A change of state/region is permitted subject to availability of slots and limited to once annually.
  5. Wholesalers are only limited to West Malaysia locations.
  6. Wholesalers can sell higher than the recommended retail price (RRP) set at RM23. The recommendation is to a maximum of RM25 but selling higher than that is possible but not advised.  

Here are the recommended margins:

1. Wholesale to Retailers: RM20 per can.

2. Wholesale to End Consumers: RM23-RM25 per can.

Product Exchanges (Valid within 14 days upon fulfillment) :

For delivered products that are either:

  1. Incorrect Item Delivered
  2. Product Faulty/Quality Issues
  3. Physical damage during delivery

Kindly email us at chippychipmy@gmail.com so the team can initiate the returns process accordingly with the following details:

  1. Order Number
  2. Picture of Carton/Product (If incorrect item delivered/Product Faulty)
  3. Unboxing video to proof that products are not tampered. (If there is physical damage during delivery)

For other query's/questions, kindly email us at chippychipmy@gmail.com.